Terms & Conditions

As a user of the services offered by this website under the control of ‘Time Matrimony’, addressed as the company from here, you are kindly requested to read and verify the below terms and conditions, which are also correspondingly applicable to the other services by the Company, rather than those enabled in the website. Any kind of your activities in this website, like signing in or visiting the page, are regarded as your deliberate acceptance of the set terms and conditions of the Company. There are diverse kind of services available in the web portal of company, some of which need payments from the user for accessibility. Therefore, to know about the norms below is imperative for you before making any payment or being a user of the Company’s services.
The Company will have the supreme authority to alter, amend or add new clauses and stipulations this from time to time as it’s the sole discretion of the company. The bond of relationship between the Company and the users will be strictly governed by this terms and conditions in connection to any payments and services done related to the services of the Company.

1. Criteria
The accuracy and legitimacy of the information you submitted on the registration/ sign up to the company will not be further investigated or verified if true, trusting that it will be correct and authentic as you or any of your family or relative or friends do it by your conscious content as we believe. The Company is never obliged to make verification to confirm its authority after they are submitted by the concerned.
You may have to be chiefly aware of the minimum age of registration to avail the services of the company is 21 for men and 18 for females. As to regulate we put a limit of 70 years for both sexes as the maximum age to register.
The rules here in this are significant and make sure that you have read and verified it and you agreed to be bound by them.
Your registration signify that you are not legally prohibited or disabled by any law to enter to such a contract and by agreeing this you validate that you have the authority and legal capability to enter to an agreement with the Company.
In case if the Company came across to know or realize that you are not eligible to remain as a member anymore, or if any transgression of the set law happens from your side, the company is free and reserved to terminate your membership and/ or block your access to the services without any refund of any money paid to the company.

2. Term
You have the right to cancel your membership at any time by contacting the Company or by writing to time4weds@gmail.com If your membership is terminated by the Company because of any violation of these terms, you will not be qualified to get any refund from the Company, as well as you cancel it by yourself. Validity of your agreement will remain effective to use the website as long as you are a member.

3. Privacy Policy
Even the members profiles are observed and inspected by the company representatives, the Company will not be questionable if your profile(s) are crawled or indexed by any search engines. The Company could not do anything to solve or stop these activities, because the search engines are purely independent and not at all handled by the Company.
You may have to read and understand our Privacy Policy too for better knowing how the relationship between the customer and the Company is maintained.
The company’s web portals are transformable in its features structurally and even in the mode of its services, as the Company invites comments and opinions from all the users of the website. Nonetheless the Company doesn’t ratify any advertiser to publish or post in the website. Such jumbled contents, if happens to see, in the website are not authorized by the Company and it may harm or damage your devices or affect your usage of the website, to which the company doesn’t have any responsibility. You are requested to verify and examine such contents and links with any of the company’s executive before you go on to click or open it.

4. Copyright
The contents shown and used in this website such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, data compilations, and software are designed and created exclusively for the Company by either the company executives or its content suppliers and are bounded and protected by Indian and international copyright laws. The compilation of all the contents in this website is the sole property of the Company and protected by Indian and International copyright laws. There are no other owners to any of the software’s used in this website, but only the company also bounded and protected by Indian and International copyright laws.

5. Your Account
All users including the registrants and free users and even those who browse this page are responsible for all the activities that happens from that IP or under the respective user ID and password. Confidentiality of your account is kept in your secrecy in handling the user Id and password safe, because the activities happens under the username and password will be in the responsibility of the registrant. As you are expressly and obviously agreed to show your personal submitted information to all other users of the Company website and other services, the Company will not be questionable and responsible for any offence or mall practice or activity done by a third party. Users are free to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel subscription at their own discretion at any time, but the further processes might be according to the company protocol as above.
No users are allowed to practice any kind of activity rather than those that the company allows. The Company’s serves its customers only for their matrimonial queries and requirements so far, as it’s the sole purpose of this website too. No one here can engage in advertising or soliciting any kind of commercial products, using this website as the medium of their business. Persuasions and marketing are also banned to do in this website. A user can make a complaint to the Company if he/she happens to experience any kind of such deeds for any user and, as a further step, actions might be taken to tackle the issue. Such infringements may get fined or be blocked until the user admit and contact the Company for the resume of services. Such commercial activities or personal abuses are violations of rules obtained by the company for the website. Therefore, the legal formalities of such activities are shouldered only by the doer. All are free to contact by writing to our Support team for clarification of any issues or services. Anyway no phone calls or past verbal consent from the Company may not be an evident for a user to commit or engage in such activity, but the company will provide explicit written email or SMS in response to the query explaining if it can be approved or not.
A user can verify and cross check the information in his/ her account and is free to change and edit it. Searching the matching spouse needs correct entry of user’s preferences in the required columns, and it is again flexible to change and edit at any time by the user or by contacting the company executives.

6. Disputes
Any disputes or disagreement involving the site/ services/ the company shall be governed by laws of India and could be submitted to respective jurisdictions of the courts in Kerala.
By clicking agree to this terms are conditions, you are unconditionally agreeing to the above also, and you forward your consent on being submissive to the actions proposed by law.